Jeff Jarvis argues that the LA Times should go online only

Everyone’s favourite creator and founding editor of Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Jarvis, today argues that since the LA Times website makes enough revenue to cover newsroom costs, they should go online only.

Although I think his economic argument is simplistic, not taking into account, for example, such things as presence and branding generated by the print edition, his argument is superficially convincing.

It is also a slightly scary proposition, positing a huge loss of jobs and possibly status apropos of what exactly? Cost savings, says Jarvis. But the loss of a large number of a newspaper’s staff, its voice, seems a high price to pay for the monetary savings made.

Indeed, Jarvis admits,

“There’s no question that the scale of the business would be smaller, much smaller. But with only edit and advertising sales costs…it could be a profitable business.”

Could be profitable?  That’s not confidence talking, there, is it?


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